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  1. Default exports in CommonJS libraries

    TL;DR: don’t use them.

  2. Is nodenext right for libraries that don’t target Node.js?

    Settling a Twitter debate the only way I know how: you’re both right, but not as right as me.

  3. New Blog

    Moving from Gatsby to Eleventy and breaking a three-and-a-half-year writing hiatus.

  4. Marketing Web Rules: A Tale of CSS Modules and Whimsy

    Works on my machine?

  5. Debugging the TypeScript Codebase

    The TypeScript codebase can be intimidatingly large. The best way to learn your way around it is to set some breakpoints and step through it.

  6. One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor: Cycling a Thousand Miles in New Zealand

    Thoughts and photos from a two-week cycling tour from Auckland to Queenstown.