Hi! I’m Andrew.

I live in San Francisco. I moved here in 2015 to work for Xamarin, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Since then, I’ve been working on developer tools at Microsoft, and since April 2019, the TypeScript language and compiler.

I started programming poorly and building very bad web sites at around the age of eleven, and then I stopped for a long time until college, where I took a job in which sometimes I would break down cardboard boxes and other times would write very bad PHP and SQL. Eventually I moved on to writing very bad C# and JavaScript, stopped breaking down cardboard boxes, and did that until I got less bad at it. (My SQL has not improved.)

At the same time, I earned a degree in electrical engineering, which I neither use nor regret. Vaguely knowing how electricity works is pretty fun, and I still sometimes start hobby electronics projects that are totally impractical and will never get finished.

These days, I write a lot of TypeScript (go figure), and not long ago, a lot of React. (Now, my time with React is mostly spent just dreaming up bizarre and horrifying edge cases where it breaks our type system.) Aside from that, I try to spend my time doing things outside. One time I walked really far, and I’ve biked across a few small countries. Once a year or so I struggle to use up all 36 exposures on a roll of color film. I’ve also been trying to get better at drawing recently, although I don’t spend enough time on it. And very occasionally, I vastly underestimate the ambitiousness of a project like this blog and pour dozens of hours into it for dubious gain. This happens to be one of the few that I’ve finished, so, hope you enjoy. ❤️